Elizabeth Magill 'Well'

Penthouse Margate

13th September – 24th October 2020

(by appointment please contact for details)

Penthouse, Margate, UK

34 Harold Road, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2HT

07919375487 / penthousemargate34@gmail.com


Penthouse presents Well, an exhibition of new mixed media works alongside an early video by Elizabeth Magill. Originally scheduled for May this year while Magill was working from her London studio it was postponed due to lockdown and Magill then completed the exhibition having relocated to her studio in the North of Ireland.

‘‘Well’, is my response to the Penthouse space and to daily observations.

On the ground floor is a series of landscape works including, Main Sands, originally from a photo I took in Margate this January. But as the months of lockdown unfolded it became acutely obvious the different experience this devastating pandemic was causing. On the upper floors of the gallery, I’ve wanted to include images that reflect those dealing first hand with this pandemic. Shift is both a word for nurses on a ward but also means a complete and abrupt change of direction…perhaps too a shift in perception of what has value in society. In the loft area I’ll be showing a video first exhibited at Peer Trust Gallery in London in 2001'


September 15, 2020