19 January - 26 February 2012

The gallery is pleased to present their first solo exhibition with New York based photographer, Barbara Probst. 


While photography traditionally directs the viewer to consider a single image, Probst’s intricate sequences are composed of a series of individual, but related, images, integrating numerous perspectives of a single moment. Subsequently these are never frozen moments. It is impossible to view one image within a series in isolation; instead, the eye constantly flutters back and forth. The artist achieves this perspectival complexity with the aid of radio-controlled shutter releases and often multiple photographers; the results are visually arresting and equally revelatory.  


Probst’s elaborate sequences of images suspend time and seemingly extend the split second; the effects are both complex and dramatic. It is for all these reasons that Probst’s practice is so defined within 

contemporary photography.  The work manages to question the very means by how we read images and our association between perception and experience. Each composition actively engages the viewer and challenges the common ideology of knowing through seeing. Subsequently, our experience with these images is a heightened awareness of both the physical and psychological act of looking.